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Posted on Feb 7th, 2020

Time-certain City Council Workshop -  Tuesday, February 18th at 1:00 PM
A major purpose of this update is to reassure the city residents that no decisions have been made about how Gulf Shore Boulevard will look after the Beach Restoration and Water Quality Improvement Project (aka Beach Outfall Removal Project) is completed.  Unfortunately there will be inconveniences while Gulf Shore Boulevard is under construction between South Golf Drive and 2nd Avenue South.  However, this project will provide significant improvements to stormwater and flood protection, water quality, and the beach.  This is a very important project that will not only meet today’s needs, but has been designed to anticipate the future’s demands.
Some residents along Gulf Shore Boulevard have made it clear they are unhappy with the structure of the survey that was intended to help our decision making about what Gulf Shore Boulevard will look like after the project is completed.  All elements are now being re-addressed by city staff.  We have heard our residents, and the city wants to ensure you that the decisions regarding how Gulf Shore Boulevard will be restored have not been finalized.  The City Council has created a time-certain public forum workshop on Tuesday, February 18th at 1:00 PM to hear the public's input and discuss the design elements for the Gulf Shore Boulevard segment of the project.  The City is seeking public input for the design elements such as sidewalks, bicycle lanes, buffered bicycle lanes, automotive travel lane width, and greenspace, along with any concerns the public may have regarding topics such as safety, aesthetics, and the preservation of culture/appeal.  One of the best things about Naples is the high level of individual participation, and we encourage all to provide input and continue civic engagement!
This official summary is provided as part of the City’s ongoing public outreach efforts regarding potential design options for Gulf Shore Boulevard (GSB) and to clarify any miscommunications among stakeholders.  Please find the following statements of fact:
1.GSB between 2nd Ave. South and South Golf Drive will be impacted by the Naples Beach Restoration & Water Quality Project (aka Beach Outfall Removal Project).  Excavation of large portions of the 60-foot right-of-way, which includes the roadway, sidewalk, and greenspace, will be impacted by this construction in order to install new stormwater pipes and catch basins that will help improve flood protection, water quality, and the beach shoreline.  
2. It is anticipated that the aged water mains will be impacted and need replacement in order to maintain potable water service reliability and to avoid future damages to road restoration as a result of potential water main breaks.
3. The roadway design will raise GSB to a slightly higher elevation (less than one-foot increase) to improve street drainage and increase resiliency to sea level rise out to 2060.
4. The design to restore the impacted segment of GSB is ongoing.  The road improvements will also be reviewed by the State permitting agency.  A construction design will be reviewed and approved by City Council in April 2020, according to our estimated project timeline.
5. Regarding the design elements of the sidewalk and bike lanes; City staff is revisiting the originally proposed design options as it relates to width and impact to the greenscaped right-of-way.
6. Through March 2020, City staff will continue to meet with property owners along GSB who are directly impacted by the project, as well as other interested individuals and organizations with interest in the project.
For more information on this project, visit: https://www.naplesgov.com/beachoutfalls or contact:
Monique Barnhart, ​Project Coordinator & Outreach - mbarnhart@naplesgov.com, (239) 213-7119
Andy Holland, P.E., Engineering Manager - aholland@naplesgov.com, (239) 213-5001 
Gregg Strakaluse, P.E., Director - gstrakaluse@naplesgov.com.com, (239) 213-5003

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